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GB Undersea

Accessories for Sea&Sea MX-10 and Motormarine II

Camera Accessories

GB Undersea manufactures quality accessories for underwater camera systems. These include our new Digital Lens DockTM, the MXTENDERTM Optical Strobe Cable System for the Sea&Sea MX-10, which allows full off-camera function of the YS-40 or YS-40A strobe, as well as our popular
Save-A-Lens KitTM for MX-10 and Motormarine.

DataSafe Underwater Data Carriers DataSafeTM Underwater Data Carrier

For important underwater data collection applications, nothing protects your information like DataSafeTM. Whether you're a working underwater scientist or a serious photographer or
fishwatcher, DataSafeTM will keep your vital data secure even under the most demanding conditions.

undersea photography gallery


We have a fairly extensive collection of Gulf of Mexico images, with heavy emphasis on the mass coral spawning of the reefs within the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, and the collection and study of the spawning. If you would like more information, please email.

Tell us what you need.

At GB Undersea, our goal is to solve equipment-related problems in a simple and effective way. We are always seeking to learn of issues yet to be addressed. If there is a nagging problem with a camera or other underwater equipment for which you'd like to see a solution, email it to us. We will study it carefully and do our best to solve it.

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